Software Makes Preventive Maintenance Easier to Manage

Vehicles and equipment are under constant stress. Excessive idling, faulty parts, mistreatment, rough braking … the list could go on. Keeping equipment maintained and inspected on a regular basis is very important and always something that organizations want to do proficiently. But it can be tough to manage, especially when dealing with a large number of vehicles.

With the help of fleet management software, fleet managers are able to keep all maintenance under control and help improve up-time. The cost of implementing a fleet management software system is an investment, but when compared to the cost of a major breakdown it can seem small in relation to the benefits.

How fleet management software makes it easy

Keeping track of each vehicle and routine maintenance checks can be time consuming and easy to mess up through manual methods. Items are bound to slip through the cracks of a busy day. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. A system like collectiveFleet™ will allow you to set schedules ahead of time for each vehicle or specific vehicle class. Once set, you’re done! When maintenance is approaching for the piece of equipment it shows up on an upcoming schedule list, sends out automatic emails to drivers, and can be easily converted into a work order once the vehicle is in the shop.

Another way to manage your maintenance in a timely manner is having parts on stock for services and repairs. If you are able to order the parts ahead of time or keep certain parts on hand this, will save on down time or having to rush a part overnight. Having parts on hand cuts maintenance time when it comes to unexpected repairs. It’s less the time you‘re waiting for parts to come in and keeping them from being on the road and in use. With your regular maintenance you can monitor parts and usage keeping a full stock available.

Once your vehicle gets into the shop there are a lot of checkpoints that should be performed and tracked. From checking the engine, the oil, the ball joints, the tires, lights, etc., the checks and balances all need to be there. It’s important to keep these updated and regularly maintained for the life of the vehicle. Regular maintenance checks will allow you to notice if there is a problem before it becomes one.

As for most businesses, time is money. Nobody wants to have a vehicle shut down and out of service. When you have unscheduled downtime it crates havoc and panic. However, preventive maintenance is the best way to battle unplanned downtime. With fleet and asset management software, maintenance can now be performed and tracked in a quickly and more efficient manner than it has been in the past.