The Importance of Integrating Your Fleet Management Software with Other Systems

Having all of your data in one place sounds great, right? But how is this possible when you use multiple systems to track various information?

Software integrations automatically push and pull data to and from the various systems you use, enabling you to view all of your relevant data at once.  

Software integrations allow seamless communication between different systems. Updates are quick and often automated, making your job simpler and more efficient.  


Collective Data easily integrates with mobile tablets, barcode scanners and printers. This provides capability to track and scan inventory using barcodes and easily perform mobile inspections and audits. Access your system from virtually anywhere using the web-based version of Collective Data on a tablet or mobile phone.  


Integrating directly with the system you use to track GPS information automatically pushes that meter/GPS data directly from your assets into Collective Data rather than someone having to enter the information manually. This saves time and removes the possibility of manual error.  

Fuel Tracking 

Integrating your fuel tracking system automatically pushes data directly into Collective Data leading to greater vehicle efficiency. This enables you to quickly view all relative fuel information on your assets in one place, enhancing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your fleet management. 


The ability to integrate with other administrative systems you use makes it simpler for you to automate billing, employee information, shipping, inventory purchasing and more.  


Interested in what systems we have successfully integrated with? Check out our Integrations Page! If you use a system that you would like to integrate with Collective Data, please contact us to learn more and discuss.