The Power of Integration: How to Get the Most Out of Your Fleet Management Software

Collective Data has provided high-end asset- and fleet-management solutions to private enterprises and government agencies for more than 25 years. From the start, we knew that it was critical for our solutions to integrate with our customers’ other technologies, including software and hardware. That includes technology that customers are using when they come on board, and systems that they may adopt down the road.

To ensure our tools set our customers up for success, we have always focused on building asset management tools that are fully adaptable to new systems and easy to integrate with new technologies as customers’ needs evolve.

Today, our signature collectiveFleet and collectiveQuartermaster solutions are used by hundreds of organizations. These government agencies and businesses value not only the inherent capabilities of our software, but also the ease with which they can integrate our software with their other systems.

Here’s a brief look at a few key integrations . . .

Software Integrations

Today, whether you’re talking about fleet management software, ERP tools, collaboration platforms—or really any enterprise software—there’s little value in siloed solutions that can’t communicate with your other systems. Every software tool you deploy across your organization is an investment you need to get the most out of, and the key to that is integration. To that end, Collective Data software integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of fleet-related software tools, including:

Fuel Integration

When you choose collectiveFleet management software, you can easily link vehicles with employees and fuel cards. This gives you the increased visibility and control you need to monitor and report fuel usage, cost, mileage and other fuel-related variables. With fuel costs at or near record levels, this type of integration can pay significant bottom line dividends for just about any fleet-dependent organization.

Telematics & GPS Integration

Collective Data fleet management software integrates with most GPS providers and vehicle-based telematic systems. This gives fleet managers the ability to leverage GPS and diagnostic data to improve maintenance schedules, monitor important performance variables such as MPG, and maximize fleet ROI. Properly executed, these integrations will lead to a wide range of improvements, including fewer breakdowns.

Administrative Integration

Linking your fleet management system to ERP tools, accounting systems and other administrative software can help managers with everything from customer billing to inventory management to shipping systems to employee payroll. With Collective Data, the possibilities for administrative integrations are virtually unlimited.

Hardware Integrations

To some degree, the success of your fleet management software depends on the capabilities of the hardware tools your organization is using. So, while hardware is optional, we want to ensure that our fleet management software tools integrate with hardware from the leading enterprise device manufacturers. When it comes to rugged devices that are engineered for the tough conditions that our customers encounter on a daily basis, we don’t think there’s a better hardware supplier than Zebra Technologies. So, we’ve built our tools to integrate seamlessly with a full range of Zebra hardware, including:

Barcode Scanners

Since barcode scanning is often the preferred method for fast, accurate data capture in fleet management software, it pays to integrate your software with the best scanners. From corded barcode scanners suited to fixed scanning applications, to wireless scanners that go wherever work takes them, Zebra’s barcode scanners deliver first time, every time scanning performance you expect from the leader in data capture technology.

Rugged Tablets & Handheld Mobile Computers

Fleet management software applications imply that your vehicles, equipment and assets are on the move, often in challenging conditions that easily overtax consumer devices. That’s why we make it easy to integrate Collective Data applications with Zebra’s rugged tablets and handheld computers, which are engineered to deliver enterprise-level performance and durability under even the harshest conditions.

Barcode Printers

Whether it’s a vehicle, high-value equipment, or inventory, tagging the assets you need to track usually begins with a barcode label. And nobody offers a wider range of barcode printers than Zebra. From wireless mobile printers that go wherever your drivers go to high-performance desktop and industrial printers designed that perform under the most demanding conditions, Collective Data fleet management software solutions are easy to integrate with any Zebra barcode printing solution.

Collective Data can integrate fleet management software with just about any system. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.