Why Government Agencies and Public Works Are Investing In Digital Fleet Management

Municipalities, government agencies and public works are always under pressure to control their vehicle fleet budgets and spending. But it’s getting a lot tougher with rising costs and labor shortages.

This is one of the key reasons why government and public sector organizations are increasingly turning to digital solutions to help manage their vehicle fleets, inventory, gear, parts, maintenance, and inspections.

When you have reliable data and visibility into the status and maintenance of all your vehicles, equipment and inventory, and you have digital tools at your fingertips to automate inspections and maintenance scheduling, control your inventory, and reduce costly repairs, it makes a world of difference labor-wise and financially.

As digital software developers serving government and public sector agencies for over 20 years, we’ve seen this first-hand in working with fleet managers and staff to streamline their workflows and stay ahead of fleet maintenance.

To help organizations manage their fleets and assets more effectively, we developed collectiveFleet, an easy-to-use software solution that’s accessible on any device, including computers, tablets and smartphones. CollectiveFleet provides a complete set of digital tools to quickly collect and enter data about all your vehicles, parts and assets, automatically track them in real time, and manage maintenance, inspections, work orders, and inventory from a centralized and big-picture view.

It allows you to make more informed decisions about your fleet, keep your vehicles rolling in optimal condition, and reduce costs by staying on top of inspections and preventive maintenance. You can even integrate your fuel, telematics and other administrative data to keep all your fleet data in one easy-to-access and centralized location.

To get a sense of how it works, here is a quick breakdown of what fleet managers and maintenance and inspection staff are able to do with our software.

Manage Your Fleet from a Mission Control Dashboard

CollectiveFleet’s Mission Control Dashboard is the central hub for fleet managers, allowing you to manage all your vehicles, physical assets, and even your employees from a single user-friendly and colorful dashboard.

Schedule and Get Reminders About Vehicle Inspection

With automated email alerts and reminders, collectiveFleet notifies you of each and every inspection that’s due and its scheduled date, so you’ll never miss another vehicle inspection again.

Schedule and Get Reminders About Preventive Maintenance

You can easily move from reactive to proactive maintenance by seeing which vehicles and assets are due for preventive servicing, and you can schedule work orders digitally, with email alerts, reminders and reports to make sure everything gets done on time.

View a Complete Work Order History

CollectiveFleet tracks all work orders, service and maintenance history, so you can quickly and easily find and inspect a complete record of work on any vehicle or asset, with details on all the work done.

Manage Leaner Inventory More Efficiently

You can also use our software to monitor your parts and equipment inventory with real-time visibility into what you have on hand, what’s due for replenishment, and what you might need to budget and reorder in the future.

Collect and Enter Data with Time-Saving Automation

To help automate all your vehicle and asset tracking and inventory, collectiveFleet works in tandem with mobile tablets, computers, barcode scanners and/or RFID readers to scan and collect all the data you need. You can scan and read data directly from barcode labels or RFID tags, and you can quickly and easily enter additional data with a simple user interface that streamlines the process on both PCs and mobile devices.

Additionally, collectiveFleet is optimized to run seamlessly on Zebra rugged tablets for barcode scanning and mobile access to your fleet management software workflows. And when you need to label or tag vehicles or other assets for identification and tracking, collectiveFleet and Zebra tablets are easily paired with Zebra mobile printers to print barcode and RFID labels and tags on demand, wherever you need them.

View Detailed and Data-Rich Reports

Having access to timely and reliable data and information on your fleet allows you to make truly informed and more proactive and strategic decisions, and collectiveFleet delivers it all with dozens of built-in standardized reports as well as the ability to quickly create your own custom reports with our report builder.

Assign Role-Based User Access and Security

CollectiveFleet gives you complete control over which users can view specific information and use certain tools, providing role-based user access and security levels to give each person access to what’s relevant to each job.

Configure Categories to Fit Your Organization

Our software lets you configure vehicle and equipment categories to fit your organizational needs, so you can track things exactly the way you need.

Expand Your Digital Capabilities with Add-On Modules

In addition to all the core functionality needed for fleet management, you can get far more sophisticated with add-on modules to track and manage even more, conduct and log audits, and to connect and integrate your fleet and asset data to many other systems and software applications. Available add-on modules include:

  • Dashboard creation and customization to meet additional management needs
  • Approvals module to create processes for approving requests, orders, maintenance, etc.
  • Offline audit module to perform audits anywhere, regardless of internet connection
  • VMRS pre-loaded standard codes for failures, repairs, work completed, and more
  • Advanced training module to track employee training, certifications, and licenses
  • Asset replacement module to score and evaluate your assets with APWA standards
  • Audit logs to track data changes made by users, including inserts, updates and deletes
  • Advanced parts tracking for organizations with highly complex needs
  • Extended asset management to track virtually any physical asset with our system
  • Shop interface to take control over shop work distribution and easily track costs
  • Customer management to manage, validate and report on services provided to each customer
  • Windows Active Directory authentication for easy log-ins
  • SAML-based authentication module for federal ID verification and credentials
  • Software integration modules to help you manage your info more efficiently
  • Web services API to extend and integrate your data with other software programs

With a digital software solution like collectiveFleet, there is a massive amount of information, work and costs that you can track. And it all happens with the efficiency and automation of digital data collection, tracking and management.

It’s a great way to get out of the world of paperwork, spreadsheets and more manual and labor-intensive ways of managing your fleet. And you can easily replace multiple programs or systems with a single centralized tool to manage and track your vehicles, parts, maintenance and inspections, all with an intuitive and easy-to-learn interface.

For our clients who’ve already been using collectiveFleet for years, they’ve been able to stay ahead of all the pressures over costs and labor, and most importantly they’ve been able to keep their fleets rolling safely and effectively, so they can complete their mission-critical work in our communities.

But to truly appreciate the potential of digital fleet management, the best thing is to arrange a demo to see our solution in action, or visit us at the upcoming Government Fleet Expo on May 23-26, 2022 at Huntington Place in Detroit, MI.

If you’re not going to be on hand at the expo, then just contact us now to schedule a virtual online demo at your convenience. Visit us now at www.collectivedata.com/demo or call us at 1-800-750-7638.