Fleet and Asset Management Software Configured to Your Needs

From its inception, Collective Data’s mission has been to provide high-end fleet and asset management software that is easy to use for private companies and government agencies alike. We have always been a customer-focused company—attuned to and attentive to our customers’ needs. We understand the impact that intuitive software can have on an organization’s efficiency and bottom line. So, we invested in a team of development experts to create a flexible but strong foundation upon which we can configure to our clients’ needs. This configurability allows for a robust product that fits seamlessly into our customers’ organizations. We’ve continued to invest in developing our software and are pleased to announce the launch of collectiveLayers, which will allow our customers to decrease their internal IT requirements and take advantage of all that a cloud environment has to offer—instant product updates, data backups, remote accessibility and expert support—while at the same time, easily maintaining their highly configured environments. Our team has taken on the burden of building a robust platform to ensure the best customer experience going forward.

What does the Collective Data difference look like?

Our experience shows that although there are many commonalities on how fleets typically operate, the majority of medium to larger organizations have policies and processes in place that are unique to them. There’s a huge need for fleet and asset management software to help improve their existing processes and make everyone in the organization more productive which is why we offer configuration for all of our clients.

We recently configured a 30-year budget outlook feature for a large fire department. This configuration was essential to replace a spreadsheet that was too complex for their team to be able to change any calculations, making it extremely unmanageable. The fire department gave us this spreadsheet and we did the hard work for them by configuring views where they could easily enter their data into collectiveFleet to make the necessary calculations and be able to easily report. This has given them a more stable way to manage and configure their replacement budget moving forward, with all of their data being in one, easy to use platform.


Traditionally, changes to software like the ones mentioned above, is a matter of creating more software. And often, you’d have to wait for the next version to come out before you get the new features. But now, with collectiveLayers, adding things like this is just a configuration to our comprehensive fleet and asset management system.  Something we do every day and doesn’t keep our clients from getting version updates when available.  We have a system that manages each application so all our clients can stay current as we release new features, but still have the independent flexibility that they now demand of our software.

Free up your it staff with our HOSTED version

With our new cloud-based product, our team takes over the heavy lifting of the hosting and management of the Collective Data system—freeing up your IT staff to focus on other mission-critical tasks for your organization, while providing you with the latest and greatest features of our fleet and asset management software.

If you are a current Collective Data customer and want to discuss migrating to collectiveLayers, contact us today. If you are an organization looking to improve your fleet and asset management processes, contact us to explore what the Collective Data team can configure for you.